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Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program

Why Foster Youth Services?
Once placed in foster care, youth often experience multiple changes in their living arrangements, which can lead to changes in their educational placements. High mobility can potentially disrupt, or even damage, their educational growth. Because of these complexities, recent research shows that 75% of foster youth are working below grade level, 83% are held back by the third grade, and 46% will eventually drop out of high school.

What can Foster Youth Services Coordinating Programs do for you?
FYSCP was established to meet foster youth’s unique educational needs by providing advocacy and other services designed to encourage the academic and personal success of all foster youth students.

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The FYSCP Program:

  • Serves as a link between foster youth, care providers, schools, community agencies, child welfare workers/probation officers, and other related services to protect the educational rights of foster youth and assist with immediate and appropriate, stable school placements.
  • Advocates for foster youths’ educational needs that promote their placement stability such as: tutoring, counseling, mentoring, vocational training, emancipation services, and other related services.
  • Offers training for districts, care providers, and community based organizations on issues related to the education of foster youth.
  • Builds awareness in schools and group homes in the understanding of laws, procedures, and needs for supporting foster youth.
  • Maintains Foster Focus, a database of foster youth students in Kern County public schools, to ensure they receive appropriate educational supports and services as outlined in Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP).

FYSCP can also assist foster youth students with:

  • Referrals to tutoring.
  • Educational planning and goal-setting for junior high and high school students.
  • Preparing for emancipation and creating a transition plan.
  • Workshops, motivational programs, and events to assist you with successful transition from foster care.
  • Career mapping with identified career and technical training opportunities.
  • Completing applications for college, vocational programs, and financial aid.
  • Linkages to housing, food assistance, health insurance, counseling, and other support programs.
  • Youth leadership development and opportunities to give input and share personal experiences in panels, workshops, and conferences to promote foster youth educational needs and rights..

Who is Eligible for Foster Youth Services?
Children and youth between the ages of 4 and 21 who are:

  • In out-of-home placement or living at home, and under court supervision (WIC 300).
  • Placed by the court in out-of-home care (WIC 602).
  • Supervised by your county under the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).
  • Under supervision of the tribal court (ICWA).

Our Mission

The goal of the Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP) program is to provide linkages and support services to foster youth, to help increase academic achievement, attendance, and positive school behaviors.

For more information, or to make a referral, please contact:

Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program
1807 19th Street, The Dream Center Collaborative Center
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: 661.636.4488
Fax: 661.852.0211

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