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The Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office recognizes that its employees are a valuable resource. There are great benefits to be realized from a workforce that is racially and culturally diversified; therefore, the Office operates on a merit system as part of its personnel management program. The merit system is designed to provide a fair and equitable personnel management program dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and development of employees on the basis of merit and job-related qualifications. It assures fair treatment of applicants and employees in all aspects of personnel administration without regard to race, national origin, religion, age, gender, disability, medical condition, martial status, or sexual orientation, and with proper regard for the privacy and constitutional rights of citizens.

The Office is education related; however, the services provided touch a far larger segment of the community. As a public agency it holds a public trust, so the Office strives to maintain a high standard of accountability. The Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office places a strong focus on customer service and sensitivity towards staff, clients, and the public.

HR Staff Directory

Toni Smith, Assistant Superintendent – Human Resources P: 661-636-4673
E: tosmith@kern.org
Elizabeth Mackay, Administrative Secretary II to Toni Smith P: 661-636-4673
E: elmackay@kern.org
Cherie Payne, Director P: 661-636-4747
E: chpayne@kern.org
Michelle Phillips, Secretary II to Cherie Payne P: 661-636-4747
E: miphillips@kern.org
Rosenda Thomas, Human Resources Manager P: 661-636-4683
E: rothomas@kern.org
Michelle Rigby, Human Resources Specialist P: 661-636-4692
E: mirigby@kern.org
Leslie Valenzuela, Human Resources Technician III
Workers Compensation & Risk Management
P: 661-636-4717
E: levalenzuela@kern.org
Sharon Haskell, Payroll Technician
Health Benefits
P: 661-636-4612
E: shhaskell@kern.org
Rebecca Cardoza, Fingerprint Technician
Fingerprint Appointments, Clearances, and Billing
P: 661-636-4672
E: recardoza@kern.org
Geanna Salmon, Human Resources Assistant
Receptionist/Document Preparer
P: 636-4677
E: gesalmon@kern.org
Eric Castro, Human Resources Specialist
Switchboard Operator
P: 661-636-4000
E: ercastro@kern.org


Laura Clifton, Human Resources Technician III
Personnel (non-Credentialed)
P: 661-636-4342
E: laclifton@kern.org
Vanessa Dhindsa, Human Resources Technician III
Personnel/Physicals/Drug Screening
P: 661-636-4697
E: vadhindsa@kern.org
Karla Montano, Human Resources Technician II
Job Announcements, Testing & Interviews
P: 661-636-4391
E: kamontano@kern.org
Gloria Townsend, Human Resources Technician II
Timekeeping (Classified & Certificated)
P: 661-636-4749
E: gltownsend@kern.org
Carolyn Hughes, Human Resources Technician I
Substitutes, Student Workers, and Professional Experts
P: 661-636-4633
E: cahughes@kern.org
Matt Smith, Secretary I
CalPERS Appointments, Workers’ Compensation, and Credentials
P: 661-636-4470
E: masmith@kern.org


Evelyn Mata, Human Resources Technician III
Personnel (Credentialed)
P: 661-636-4752
E: evmata@kern.org
Evelyn Feliciano, Credential Supervisor P: 661-636-4750
E: evfeliciano@kern.org
Gloria Perez, Credential Technician P: 661-636-4370
E: glperez@kern.org
Carrie Melton, Credential Technician P: 661-636-4751
E: camelton@kern.org


Carie Cerda, Payroll Manager P: 661-636-4325
E: cacerda@kern.org
Lydia Hernandez, Payroll Technician
P: 661-636-4663
E: lyhernandez@kern.org
Pauline Terrell, Payroll Technician
P: 661-636-4661
E: paterrell@kern.org
Teresa Green, Payroll Technician
P: 661-636-4667
E: tegreen@kern.org


Patrice Richter, Coordinator I – Human Resources/Special Services P: 661-636-4385
E: parichter@kern.org
Jesus Garcia, Special Services Analyst P: 661-636-4682
E: jegarcia@kern.org
Michelle Rigby, STRS Retirement Counselor P: 661-636-4572
E: mirigby@kern.org
Diane Steward, Special Services Facilitator P: 661-636-4371
E: disteward@kern.org
Lexi Stevens, Secretary I P: 661-636-4535
E: lestevens@kern.org

FAX: 661-636-4011

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