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Administration Finance & Accountability

Kern County Superintendent of Schools


These spreadsheets can help you calculate the various amounts.

W4 Exempt Letter – 3/25/09

STRS Membership Letter – 3/25/09

PERS Membership Letter – 3/25/09

Certificated Hourly Balance Sheet – 3/25/09

Certificated Balance Sheet – 3/25/09

Standard’s Spreadsheet – 3/25/09

Work 10 Months, Paid 11 Months Payoff

STRS Payoff 10D Automated

STRS Payoff ESUM11 Automated

Pay History Adjustment Example

Sample Annual Notification form for W-2 Distribution to employees.

CalSTRS Forms

  • Permissive Election and Acknowledgement of Receipt of CalSTRS Defined Benefit Plan Membership Information (ES350)

    Permissive Election

  • Emergency Employment of Retiree (SR0165)

    Emergency Employment

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