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QCC Non-privileged Installation

Microsoft has introduced new security functionality named User Access Control in Windows Vista and later expanded it in Windows 7.

User Account Control, often referred to as UAC, is meant to help prevent unauthorized changes to computers. UAC does this by asking the end user permission or by prompting for an administrator’s password before performing actions that could potentially affect a computer’s operation or that would change settings that affect other users.

Unfortunately, UAC has created some obstacles to the Automatic Updating facility of the QSS Control Center.

As an answer to this, QSS has created a service that can be deployed to machines running Windows Vista or Windows 7 that will work within the confines of UAC, regardless of the user’s permissions. This service is called the QSS Install Service, or QSS IS.

When the service is installed, the newer version of the QSS Auto Updating executable (QSSAutoUp) will communicate with the service through an encrypted channel to request certain UAC restricted functions to be performed by the service. The newer QSS Auto Updating executable (QSSAutoUp) has also been re-coded to not trigger any UAC elevation prompts to prevent issues when deployed on UAC enabled machines.

The software is packaged in an MSI (Windows Installation Database) that can be manually installed on each machine that requires the QSS IS, or it can be automatically deployed using an Active Directory Group Policy.

The QSS Install Service installer is located at the following URL:

The following table illustrates when the QSS Install Service (QSS I.S.) is recommended and required:

In addition, since the newer QSSAutoUp no longer requests elevation, it will be unable to perform the system tasks required to do the automatic updating. To prevent a situation where a computer could miss required version updates new prompts have been implemented.

When a machine is found to have User Account Control enabled and the QSS Install Service is not installed, the following prompt is displayed:

The user can click Yes to have the URL for the QSS Install Service installer opened in their default browser or No to proceed with the application.

If they choose “Yes” to install the application, the following informational prompt is presented:

If they choose “No” to the prompt to download the installer, they are presented with the following dialog informing them that they are able to proceed without download, but only for 14 days:

If after 14 days they have still chosen not to install the QSS Install Service or have been unable to and have notified their support staff for an installation, they are presented with the following dialog and will not be allowed to run QSS Control Center:

In this situation, the only remedy for the user is to either re-run QSS Control Center and choose Yes to install the QSS Install Service, have the QSS Install Service installed/deployed by support staff, or disable UAC.

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