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Here we will categorize and post all our support documentation we have available.

QCC (QSS Control Center) Support • Minisoft Support • Account Support • General Tips & FAQ’s

QCC (QSS Control Center) Support

QCC (QSS Control Center) Installation Instructions

Before installing the QSSControlCenter, email Business and Student Services requesting a user name and password. The staff will then create a user name that connects your current QSS logon account to the ControlCenter. Using the QCC interface, you will be able to access the data on the HP3000 – the same data you access using the traditional interface. Please email your requests to:

In most cases your user name will be the same as it is on the traditional system.

Use your browser to access this website to download the software.

QSS Control Center

If you do not already have .NET 4.0 Framework installed on your PC. You will need to download it here Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework

When you click on the download link, in the Download window, click on Save. Save the program on your desktop. Accept all defaults.

Once the program is placed on your desktop, double-click on the icon on your desktop called QSSCtrKE.exe. Accept all defaults.

When the installation is complete, double-click on the QSSControlCenter icon on your desktop. (The icon is represented by two palm trees.)

You will be asked for your QCC user name and password. In CAPS enter your logon you use when accessing Minisoft, your password by default will be your first name.

The update and installation procedures may take a few moments. Be patient! Soon the application will be ready to use.

Minisoft Support

For Minisoft Support send an email

Minisoft Documentation

Manuals are available from Minisoft by going to their website and downloading a copy. Go to and select Minisoft-92 for Windows Manual from the select on the left edge of the page. The manual is in PDF format so you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to read and print the manual.

Minisoft Installation Instructions

You can check your version by selecting Help from the menu bar and then highlighting About Minisoft. The current version number you should have is 5.4. Click OK to return to Minisoft. To check the subversion, press Shift-Alt-X. A small dialogue box will appear with your current subversion. The latest number is 7.

Instructions for loading Minisoft:


  1. Download/save the file to your desktop.
  2. You will notice a new icon named on your desktop from the download. Double click on this icon to unzip the Minisoft files to C: or C:Program Files.
  3. Once unzipped, locate MinisoftWS92Ws92_32.exe file. Right-click and Create Shortcut. Copy the shortcut to your Desktop and/or pin it to the Taskbar…
  4. This version includes a configuration for most situations so there is no longer a need to use the Minisoft Config options to setup the connection, screen and in most cases the printer (defaults to Pass Through Printing & Use Windows Default Printer)
  5. .

The software is free and installing the program following these instructions is free. If you wish our User Support staff to assist in the installation or to come out and install the program, their normal charges will apply. Any support issues related to Minisoft are handled as normal billable support calls like they were under Reflection. Minisoft is available as an alternative support solution and they do not charge you for the call.

If you are having issues with printing from Minisoft, you may want to check these settings. The most common issues are usually not being able to print, or the report will randomly change directions midway. These can be corrected by checking your settings on the program.

  • First you want to make sure that you are able to print from your computer, i.e. Microsoft word, Internet Explorer.
  • If you are unable to print directly from your computer, you may need to have your printer installed or setup from your Technology Support staff.
  • If you ARE able to print from your PC, but NOT Minisoft then do the following.
  • Go to Config -> Printer at the top of the program. It should look like the display below.
  • Make sure that the printer you want it selected on the Left Hand Side.
  • Under Print Driver make sure it is set to “Pass Through Printing”.
  • Set your “Timeout” to 30 (this will fix the printing issue with your report changing formats while printing if it is set below 30.
  • Under “Printer Selection” select Use Default Printer.

Minisoft Printer:

Online Account Detail issues

If you are running the online display of account detail using Minisoft and can’t get the ENTER key to show you all the detail, here is something for you to try…

Start Minisoft and change the following parameters in Config.

1. Select Config from the menu bar. Select Special. Look for and check the box entitled RETURN=ENTER in Block Mode. Click Save.

2. Select Config from the menu bar. Select Keyboard then Mapping. Click on the ENTER key in the numeric keypad section of the top keyboard. Press the Delete Map button at the bottom of the screen. Click on the RETURN key located below the BSPACE key on the bottom keyboard. Press the Map button then the Done button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select Config from the menu bar. Select Save.

Your ENTER key and RETURN key should now operate the same. This should help when you are logging on and you press the wrong key. It should also help when moving through the display detail screen.

Those of you with brave hearts and strong bones 12 ways may want to give this a try…

Let us know how you like this option.

Account Support

I’ve forgotten my password! What should I do?

Send an email to stating your logon ID. The system will be set up to prompt you for a new password the next time you log in.

How do I request access for a new person at our district?

Have your district representative send an email to stating the full name of the person (including middle initial) and what type of access they should have. Remember, this does not increase your number of concurrent users so there is no cost for adding new people.

General Tips & FAQ’s

Where is my report?!

Has this ever happened to you?: You request a report, wait a reasonable length of time, then look in the Print Queue, and – – – hey, it’s not there! Assuming that it must have fallen into a black hole, you resubmit the request and it still doesn’t show up!

Chances are that it is still in the Queue waiting to be executed, especially when the system is busy. How can you tell?

When you use the “P” option to get into the Print Queue and see that your report is not there, a “J” option will tell you the status of your request – deferred, waiting, or executing. If you see only your session listed, then your job is probably finished and should now be in the Queue.

How to fix a report stuck in (not ready) state

When you have a job in your print spooler that says (not ready), and you are unable to view or delete it. You should do the following:

Use option “J” to check and see what reports you are currently running (you can do this by looking at the job number on the report). If the job is still running then you must wait for it to finish and the report will become ready automatically.

If the job is not running and the report is still set to (not ready), just select the report and use the option “M” for “make ready”. You will then be able to delete or view the report.

Sweep Account Codes

There is a new item on the General Ledger menu that allows you to “sweep” an account balance (or series of accounts) into another account (or series of accounts).

A possible application of this would be consolidating Use Tax accrual accounts from various Resources into a single Resource.

The request screen asks for a target account. In the example of Use Tax, this could be Fund=?? (meaning keep the fund as it was), Resource=0000 (meaning bring it into Resource 0000), Object=whatever liability account you want to have it posted to, and zeros for the other components of the account string. On the account selection screen the source accounts would be all ? with Object set to the UT accrual account.

The job will then create a Transfer that nets the source accounts to a zero balance and offsets those amounts into the target account(s). The Transfer will be created in Unapproved status and you can then either approve it, edit it or delete it and try again.

This process is run on demand – for the UT example it would most likely be either monthly or quarterly.

Emplyee Name Lookup Features

When entering a person’s last name, two new symbols can be used to help in the search. An @ can be entered to give a generic type of lookup. The only requirement is that one or more characters precede the @. Here are some examples:

Entering a last name of FRE@ will return possible last names of

Notice that all of the returned last names begin with FRE. Just make sure that all characters entered prior to the @ are valid for the desired search.

The other symbol is an *. This will return all last names after the first found person. Here are some examples.

This option is not used on the student system.

Entering a last name of * will return all employees for the district. Entering a last name of F* will return all employees beginning with F through the rest of the alphabet. Entering a last name of Z* will return all names that begin with Z.

This symbol can produce a rather long list of names so be careful.

If more than 992 employees are found for any given search, the first 992 employees found will be presented in alphabetical order. To see the remainder of the selected employees, press the function key F4. This will return the next 992 employees. Since the program selects the employees to be displayed in a sequential read of the masterfile and new or modified employees are added randomly at the end of the masterfile, all groups must be checked as each group can contain employees with last names from A to Z. Just because the desired person didn’t show as part of the first group, don’t give up. They will probably show in the next group.

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