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Administration Finance & Accountability

Kern County Superintendent of Schools


HP3000 – QSS Financial SystemAccess Request Form

HP3000 ACCESS – Fill out the form completely and fax it to (661) 636-4131 ATTN: Larry Meier.

If you have any questions about system access or account issues you can call Larry Meier at (661) 636-4733

CD Request Forms – For Financial Reports

CD Request Forms  –  Fax Requests to (661) 636-4131

Business and School Services is able to provide an additional service to the districts of Kern County. QSS/Oasis reports (financial) back to FY 97-98 produced on the HP3000 can be burned onto CD-ROMs for easy storage and viewing. Each CD-ROM has a viewer program very similar to the browse feature of LSPOOL that allows for viewing, searching, and printing of the various reports. CD-ROMs do not take up much space and can be given to auditors or various departments for their review without having to dig out a room full of paper. Each CD-ROM is an acceptable media for permanent storage so all of those boxes at the warehouse can be replaced with a small number of CD-ROMs.

Our rates for burning a CD-ROM are:

$2.50 for the CD-ROM, jewel case, and label

$0.75 for each report request form submitted for our processing

$0.02 for each page burned to the CD-ROM.

Additional copies of any CD-ROM originally produced by this office are just $5.00 per copy. This makes it very affordable to distribute these to the various departments or sites at your district or to hand one to your auditor.

CD Request Form – use this single form to request all of your production reports burned to a CD. This form should be completely filled out.  The form itself is “fillable.”  Just type directly onto the form, print it, sign it, then return it to Business and School Services.

Financial Request Forms can be filled out two ways. The Date Submitted and District Name are always required. If you have previously run the report and it is still out in your LSPOOL area, enter the Job Number and your Logon Id.  We will add this report to the CD and NOT charge you the $0.75 form charge since we did not have to process the report. If you want BaSS to process the report, you must enter all of the appropriate information on the form. Any incomplete form will be returned and the entire process stopped until all the forms have been returned and are correct.

Financial Request Forms – use this set of 15 forms to request various financial reports. If any reports are missing, contact this department so we can add the form to this set. Make as many copies of the various reports as you need.

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