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Administration Finance & Accountability

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Consultant Assignments

District Assignments – As of 7/1/16

Fiscal Advisor District Management Consultant Curriculum Contact
Tina Foster Arvin Jamie Henderson Cathie Morris
Steve Mattern BCSD Dennis Franey Cathie Morris
Tina Foster Beardsley Ernie Unruh Tania Schalburg-Dykes
Steve Mattern Belridge Russ Bigler Sherri Young
Steve Mattern Blake Gary Bray Sherri Young
Tina Foster Buttonwillow Russ Bigler Lilly Rosenberger
Tina Foster Caliente Russ Bigler Tania Schalburn-Dykes
Tina Foster Delano Elem. Dennis Franey Lilly Rosenberger
Tina Foster Delano High Jamie Henderson Gena Lieske
Jeff Payne Di Giorgio Jamie Henderson Charles Wilson
Tina Foster Edison Ernie Unruh Cathie Morris
Steve Mattern El Tejon Dennis Franey Charles Wilson
Jeff Payne Elk Hills Russ Bigler Sherri Young
Jeff Payne Fairfax Jamie Henderson Lilly Rosenberger
Jeff Payne Fruitvale Dennis Franey Heather Richter
Jeff Payne General Shafter Gary Bray Sherri Young
Steve Mattern Greenfield Ernie Unruh Heather Richter
Steve Mattern Grimmway/Paramount Ernie Unruh Cathie Morris
Steve Mattern Kern High Dennis Franey Kathy Hill
Jeff Payne Kernville Gary Bray Teresa Twisselman
Tina Foster Lakeside Gary Bray Lilly Rosenberger
Tina Foster Lamont Jamie Henderson Kathy Hill
Jeff Payne Linns Valley Ernie Unruh Sherri Young
Tina Foster Lost Hills Gary Bray Sherri Young
Jeff Payne Maple Gary Bray Bena Lieske
Tina Foster Maricopa Russ Bigler Merci Del Rosario
Jeff Payne McFarland Jamie Henderson Gena Lieske
Tina Foster McKittrick Russ Bigler Sherri Young
Tina Foster Midway Russ Bigler Teresa Twisselman
Steve Mattern Mojave Ernie Unruh Merci Del Rosario
Tina Foster Muroc Ernie Unruh Merci Del Rosario
Jeff Payne NKVTC Dennis Franey N/A
Steve Mattern Norris Dennis Franey Teresa Twisselman
Steve Mattern Panama-Buena Vista Dennis Franey Kathy Hill
Steve Mattern Pond Russ Bigler Tania Schalburg-Dykes
Tina Foster Richland Jamie Henderson Tania Schalburg-Dykes
Steve Mattern Ridgecrest Charter Dennis Franey N/A
Jeff Payne Rio Bravo-Greeley Gary Bray Gena Lieske
Jeff Payne Rosedale Dennis Franey Kathy Hill
Tina Foster Semitropic Russ Bigler Heather Richter
Tina Foster Sierra Sands Dennis Franey Merci Del Rosario
Jeff Payne South Fork Gary Bray Teresa Twisselman
Steve Mattern Southern Kern Jamie Henderson Teresa Twisselman
Tina Foster Standard Gary Bray Charles Wilson
Jeff Payne Taft Elementary Gary Bray Heather Richter
Steve Mattern Taft High Gary Bray Heather Richter
Steve Mattern Tehachapi Jamie Henderson Merci Del Rosario
Steve Mattern Vineland Russ Bigler Kathy Hill
Steve Mattern Wasco Elem. Ernie Unruh Heather Richter
Steve Mattern Wasco High Jamie Henderson Cathie Morris
Steve Mattern Wonderful College Prep. Ernie Unruh Cathie Morris
Contact Phone Number Cell Number CIA Contact Phone Number
Dennis Franey 636-4229 487-5948 Merci Del Rosario 636-4640
Gary Bray 636-4742 201-7360 Lilly Rosenberger 636-4239
Ernie Unruh 636-4613 331-0330 Gena Lieske 636-4563
Jamie Henderson 636-4652 201-7242 Teresa Lopez 636-4643
Jeff Payne 636-4219 978-7227 Cathie Morris 636-4593
Jim Varley 636-4767 706-2991 Heather Richter 636-4546
John Von Flue 636-4215 912-4915 Teresa Twisselman 636-4645
Sherrill Young 636-4334
Russ Bigler 636-4708 333-9022 Charles Wilson 636-4643
Steve Mattern 636-4691 319-0443 Tania Schalburg-Dykes 636-4367
Tina Foster 636-4285 760-549-3624 Kathy Mill 636-4642
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