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Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Requirements of Site

Family Child Care Home and Child Care Center Licensing Requirements

Requirements of Site

  1. Indoor area must have 35 square feet for each child. This measurement is “unencumbered” space, meaning you cannot include closets, cabinets, counters, etc. Outdoor area must have 75 square feet per child and be enclosed with a fence a minimum of four feet high of appropriate fencing material.
  2. Sanitation requirements include: One toilet and handwashing facility for every 15 children, or a fraction thereof. Toilets must be convenient for the children. A separate toilet facility for staff members and ill children is required.
  3. A room must be provided where a child could be isolated if ill. This room could be included in the staff lounge area.
  4. Cots or good quality mats must be provided for children’s naps. Thin pads or blankets placed on the floor are not acceptable. Each cot or mat shall be equipped with a sheet to cover the cot or mat and a blanket to cover the child, depending upon the weather.
  5. Drinking water from a non-contaminating fixture or container shall be readily available indoors and outdoors.
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