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Requirements for Child Care Center

Family Child Care Home and Child Care Center Licensing Requirements

Requirements for Child Care Center

Licensing Agency:
State Department of Social Services
Community Care Licensing

770 East Shaw Ave., Suite 330
Fresno, CA 93710
(209) 445-5691

There are three separate licenses available:

  • Infant Center (children under age 2)
  • Child Care Center (children to kindergarten entrance age)
  • Child Care Center – School Age (kindergarten through age 14 )

There are many agencies, all of whose requirements must be met. Requirements vary from area to area. In some areas, the local requirements are more stringent than the state requirements; in other areas it is just the opposite. The following are the agencies which must be contacted:

  1. The Department of Social Services for the State of California. Any child care center must be licensed through this agency. Even if the sponsoring agency is licensed to operate in another capacity (eg., church facility), a separate license must be obtained to operate a child care center. Contact the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing in Fresno to make an appointment to attend an orientation session. At this orientation, Title 22 regulations governing licensing of proprietary centers will be explained, and you will receive an application packet and a copy of the regulations. Written regulations can be obtained by ordering Title 22, Division 12 of the California Administrative Code from the Barclays Law Publisher – File #42021, P.O. Box 6000, San Francisco, CA 94160-2021. Licensing regulations include staffing requirements, building and outdoor space requirements, and kitchen and toileting requirements.
  2. The City/County Planning Departments. These offices deal with zoning. Generally, industrial and commercial areas are zoned for child care facilities, but a conditional use permit is needed for residential areas if the facility provides care for more than 14 children.
  3. Local Fire Department (City or County). Fire regulations apply to the number of children, fire evacuation plans and bells, fire clearances, exiting, fire retardant roofing and furnishing, locks and cooking facilities.
  4. County Health Department Children’s Center Permit.
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