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Getting Parents Involved in Their Child’s Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Parents are important partners in promoting healthy active living in children. Research shows that children whose parents make healthy food choices and are active are more likely to eat healthy and be active too. Children learn by example! Here are some simple ways to encourage parental involvement in your healthy active living efforts.

  • Invite parents to participate in the food and fitness activities that you conduct with the children. Ask for volunteers to help you conduct the activity.
  • Invite parents and grandparents to share a meal with their children at the center/family child care program.
  • Ask parents what their children’s favorite foods are, what food traditions they share and how their family eat meals together
  • Have parents or family members to demonstrate their favorite sport or activity with the children and talk about its history.
  • Ask parents to demonstrate the preparation of a dish from their family background and culture and talk about its history and significance to the family.
  • Have the children put on a play for parents about nutrition and fitness.
  • Hold a Family Fitness Night. Plan bulletin boards, activities, and presentations that focus on nutrition and family exercise they can do together.
  • Invite parents to accompany you on field trips to the grocery store, farmer’s market, orchard or school sports event.
  • Send home parents letters that explain the nutrition and fitness activities that you are doing in the center/family child care program. Ask parents to reinforce the good food and activity habits that you are trying to establish.
  • Send home copies of recipes that the children have used in the classroom/family child care program and monthly menus and activity planners. Include nutrition tips or recipes and physical activity information children have learned from your program.
  • Prepare a newsletter for parents. Include nutrition and activity tips and information about food and fitness activities that are conducted at the center/family child care program.
  • Create a parents corner or a bulletin board for nutrition tips, menus, recipes and activities. Decorate center/family child care program with posters and children’s artwork that shows healthy eating and activity habits.
  • Give cooking demonstrations for parents to expand their variety of nutritious meals then share the meal together to create a sense of community.
  • Ask parents to bring nutritious snacks for parties and special occasions. Make a list of suggested foods to give the parents.
  • Put on a Fun Run/Walk with your families and their children on a weekend morning with matching t-shirts and balloons then have nutritious snacks afterwards. Or Enter a “Fun Run” or a “Bike-a-Thon as a group with the families and kids in your care program.
  • Jump start healthy eating at home by encouraging parents to eat together as a family as often as possible: with the TV turned off! Children who eat meals regularly with their family eat better and have healthier eating habits.
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